Bella’s Italian Bistro

3363-B, Urbana Pike, Frederick, MD 21704, USA

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    Johanna's Little Ponies
    March 26, 2021

    If your looking for "West Coast" style pizza so to speak, lighter on the sauce, crisper crust this is the place for you! We've tried almost every pizza place in and around Frederick Co. And haven't found another pizza place that's similar to Bella's. It's completely unique crust and taste. Well unique to East coast pizza anyway lol. Their Pepperoni is great, and even my younger kids who usually pick Pepperoni off for being too spicey, greasy etc will eat it. The Urbana location gets very busy on Friday/Saturday nights so call ahead or be prepared for a bit of a wait 45-1hr to 1hr-30 min at the most, but it's worth the wait.

    Rachel Brumberger
    January 27, 2022

    First time ordering and it was toward closing, the team was lovely and we had the freshest pizza and an amazing sandwich, the onion rings were spot on. Everything was fresh, crisp and delicious.

    Jason Dublin
    March 06, 2021

    Tried giving this place a shot despite its back alley placement by the drive thru of Burger King. Ordered a cheesesteak sub, meatball sub, fries and onion rings. Both subs were nice size with delicious bread. That’s it for the pros of the subs. The meatball sub was devoid of taste, even with extra sauce. The cheesesteak sub was just as bland despite asking for oil, oregano, s&p. It was like it had negative flavor, despite trying to add sauce, seasoning, deconstruction and recooking it the next day. the onion rings were the best part of the meal with the fries in 2nd. Both sides were served in a plentiful helping and were enjoyed happily. Hopefully the rest of the menu isn’t as bad but if it’s anything like this, you’ll be getting back in the Burger King drive thru line.

    March 18, 2021

    Worst experience in my life at a restaurant. Placed an order for pick-up at 6:30, asked repeatedly and confirmed it was ok to place an order for future pick up, this was at like 5. I told them I was just excited to have gotten through as I heard they were super busy and was so excited to try the pizza. So, I actually got there way early (270 was empty🤷🏼‍♂️) so I decided to go in and just let them know I was already there, if it was possible to get it ready early cool, if not 100% cool. Well... I see my order already finished sitting waiting, the gentleman at the counter said “yeah it’s been ready for like 30 mins (it is currently 6pm). I, as in me apologize, yes that’s how little I like confrontation or disagreements or issues at restaurants, again I apologized and said you must not have understood I was coming to pick up at 6:30 and asked if that was ok twice. No problem, I want to try the pizza at its best I will pay again for the same order and wait, YES I offered to pay for their mistake. Well the “owner” (don’t think he is the owner Brandon or Brad but claimed he was) comes over and is like “it will be 20-30 mins we are busy” like huffing and puffing. So, I said whoa man I think there’s a misunderstanding, I tried to order for etc.. and explained everything again and he just said “well it will be awhile, we have other orders”. So, at this point it’s gonna turn into a nasty argument so I just say, ok that’s really poor service to be so rude and mad when I am willing to pay for your mistake and I leave. Well half way home I also realized the order was incorrect so I return and place the pizzas down calmly and say “you know what that wasn’t my fault, I’d really like to try your food, please make my order again and I am not offering to pay for it again, I should not have offered the first time”. “The owner” Brandon proceeds to tell me I “put on a show” “will not make my pizzas again” “he has more than just Jon to make pizzas for”..I asked several times to please make my order, yes 100% more stern at this point and did critique his management/ownership resolution and attitude all calmly and zero cussing no shouting (did 100% drop an F-Bomb on my way out in the end as I was walking out and I apologize for that). He never puts his head back up, as he counts out money to give back to me which I never asked for and didn’t take back, even though I left with zero food “I am not making you anything, you aren’t eating here” was his answer I politely asked what his last name was or the owners, he refused to do anything other than refuse to make the order again. I left and just simply said I am going to talk to whoever owns this place and try and explain how poor this experience was and he just throws up his hands and says “tell em Brandon says hi”. Someone who actually runs this restaurant please contact me as I have to leave this review after being denied the opportunity to speak with you directly

    Rada Machin
    March 13, 2021

    Amazing Bianca pizza. Dough is so good and fresh cheese and spices. Pepperoni is not overly greasy and is also delicious! Worth the wait

    Bella’s Italian Bistro

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    3363-B, Urbana Pike, Frederick, MD 21704, USA

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