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    B Goody
    September 14, 2021

    Ice maker stopped working 2 weeks before selling/settlement of our house. Tech came out twice, replaced the ice maker for $539. Said to wait 24 hours before turning it on. The day of settlement, I called in because it did not work. They said they’d get back to me. NO ice, NO call back, and I’m out $539. The receptionist acted like it wasn’t their problem at all. Unbelievably bad customer service. Don’t do business with them.

    Michael Boettger
    June 23, 2022

    Terrible customer service. Barbara is rude on the phone. Took off day of work, sat here on my 1-3 window. Missed their call at 14:25. At 14:46 they cancelled. She said their time is money. My day off wasnt. Then hung up on me. Terrible.

    October 06, 2020

    Horrible, abusive experience. This company should not be in business., Woman answering the phone says whatever she wants, gets angry and hangs up, cancels product orders and cancels appointments without informing the customer, the prices quoted are not clear (they seem to charge what they want. I never received the $139 credit service fee, when I asked about it I was told it was accounted for in the quote, however, that wasn't written down in the quote I was given. When I insisted on receiving the credit they argued the price for the repair would then be too low for the repair guy to do the work. The repair guy never showed up as scheduled and I was not contacted. The woman answering the phone will not allow you to talk to the owner (after much reluctance I was told the owner, Ron Hankel, would receive a message to call me but that he rarely ever returns calls) and of course he did not call me. This business seems to be a fraud and should not exist and it seems clear the owner and staff do not care whether it does or not. Don't waste your time or your money. In response, it's impossible to misunderstand when I'm staring at the numbers written down by your own technician. The woman on the phone said their "intent" was to include the numbers in the amount written down. She admits the discount is owed to me, then lies and says it's reflected in the estimate, but then contradicts that by saying that if she applied the discount to the amount quoted, then the service price would be too low. The best she could do was offer me a $40 discount. The fraud is clearly to inflate the price of parts and labor and then offer the customer a service fee discount, tricking the customer to believe they're receiving a discount when in fact they're paying full price. Of course you don't want people who call out your scam as customers. Fraudsters never do.

    ermias aytenfisu
    January 22, 2022

    Definitely worst experience I had in long time. Company was hired to repair washer at rental property. It has been more than 6 weeks and I am waiting for the repair. Please avoid at all cost this company. I have never seen customer service that so rude and unprofessional.

    Heather M
    November 13, 2018

    I called because my washer wasn’t working. It took a week to get an appointment. The guy came in, opened the door of the washer, tuned the drum of the washer by hand, and told me the bearings are bad and I need to buy a new washer. He charged me the full service fee of $129 for his less than a minute assessment. So yes, I’m annoyed that I just spent $129 for no actual work done whatsoever. He took longer to fill out the payment information than he did doing any thing else. I understand I should still pay a fee to have someone come to the house, but I feel $129 is pretty steep for such minimal time and no work. I live less than 1 mile away from the shop, so it didn’t require much travel time either. So, I can’t speak to the quality of work if actual work is done, but I feel the service fee was high for what was done.

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