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    Amy P clients
    March 08, 2024

    I’ve been to several chiropractors, many of whom are good but none who come close to Dr Marina. Her chiropractic adjustments are more comprehensive and thorough (full body not just neck and back) than any I’ve done before and her Reiki skills are…well, I can’t explain it but it made this skeptic a believer. A very balanced and relaxed believer.

    Elena Novikova
    September 21, 2015

    Dr. Marina (that's how we call her) treated, and still treats, my whole family. My partner came to her with the back totally screwed. My partner was able to walk sorta sideways only. Marina put my partner back into upright position and the complains about painful back disappeared (a course of treatments was needed, of course). My younger kid first came to Marina 3 years ago, with her back very much messed up after a fall on a skateboard which happened a few months prior. Since then, we are coming to Marina once a week or every other week - because Marina supports the health of my younger child's whole body, making adjustments to her back, legs and arms - my daughter is a high level gymnast with impacts on her body happening all the time. My middle daughter also benefits from Marina's help every so often - she is an athlete too, and only Marina can put her body back in shape after severe impact falls. I myself visit Marina about once a month for back adjustments - after lifting something heavy at home, or just to feel better overall. When your body hurts, and the posture or fall or something else of that nature might be the reason, Marina has a unique ability to figure out the source of the problem and work on it. She explains all the connections and signaling happening in the body. Say, my little one cannot point her right toe in her gymnastics endeavors, but can point the left one. Marina works on her and explains that her tailbone got rotated and misaligned again, and that the result is a series of tight muscles in right leg, all the way down to her ankle, and this tightness is what prevents the kid from pointing her toe. So Marina adjusts the tailbone and massages away the tightness in the leg muscles. And the kid is able to point her toe. Marina worked on both me and my partner when each of us got into separate car accidents. After working on me after my car accident, Marina was able to tell me how I sat in the car when I was hit by another car - from observing how my back became misaligned. Surely, Marina fixed everything, and I am as good as new now. And so is may partner. If you want your body to be fixed right, and not just hear fancy talk and get "customer service" - come to Marina. She will take care of your body, explain what's going on, and you will come out of there being more healthy. Keep coming - and you will STAY more healthy. Having plenty of other chiropractors closer to home, we commute 45 minutes on the beltway from Virginia - to come to Marina. And we are doing it for 3 years straight. Yes, we work full time, but we find time to come to Marina - to be healthier!

    Monika M
    February 09, 2018

    I've tried multiple chiropractic doctors and the experience with Dr. Marina Alterman is truly unique, the very best! ChiroAid is a place where you can heal your body and your spirit as well. Finding your true balance and the inner piece is the most beautiful feeling in the world and I hope it could last forever:) Thank you so much Dr. Marina, I really appreciate it!

    Elina Alterman
    September 26, 2014

    I recently moved and the number one thing I miss about Maryland is Dr. Alterman. I have had shoulder pain and issues with my neck for years, not to mention scoliosis and a slew of other annoying, painful issues. And I've gone to many chiropractors over the years, in multiple states. The ONLY one that's been able to help me and take care of the actual cause of my pain has been Dr. Alterman. Unlike the other chiropractors I've been to, Dr. Alterman doesn't just offer a band-aid solution. She works with you to get to the root of the issue and therefore eliminate it. It's not an easy fix - do not expect to just go one time and *poof* have everything all better instantly like magic. If you want someone to lie to you and tell you they can fix you in one visit, go waste your money elsewhere (and I do mean "waste"). But if you are actually committed to getting better, go straight to ChiroAid! As an added bonus, she also does Reiki and CranioSacral Therapy. I've tried both and they are AWESOME! I have a lot of stress in my life and having Dr. Alterman practice Reiki with me has really calmed me down a lot, made me more balanced, and actually increased my happiness levels. Nothing beats that!

    David Maman
    December 09, 2021

    She does great work. I was rear ended stopped at a red light (head and back injury that created constant pain) and she but me back together. I highly recommend her!


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