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    A. Makela
    February 16, 2023

    Cash only place with an ATM inside. Location is good, across from where White Flint Mall used to be before it was demolished. Truth in advertising is that the 2.99 each garment isno longer valid. That is good for shirts, not dresses or coats. Up charges for everything. It is expected that leather, bedspreads and formal gowns will be more, but was unexpected for the blazer, coat and simple shift dresses. Pay when you drop off your items. Pick up is always on time. The personnel are very kind!

    Stacy Eastway
    October 19, 2022

    I wear white shirts for work, sometimes they have stains on them or makeup, which I always point out, but they never seemed to be very clean. But they pressed them anyways. So now I wash them before taking them in to be sure they are clean. Lots of my buttons have been ruined. But what decided I'm not coming back is the wrinkles pressed in to my collars. Every collar has large noticeable wrinkles in every shirt This looks so terrible.

    tina b
    October 18, 2022

    I never want to knock a business, ive never previously had an issue here, I used to take all my clothes here pre-covid but I hope I can spare someone the headache and clear up some confusion. To begin with, the advertised price per garment (exceptions given to leather suede wedding dresses etc) isnt exactly accurate. For instance,, apparently now exceptions apply to coats also. It did not previously. Coats are $5.75 this isn't posted anywhere FYI. Secondly, the "in by 9 out by 5" DOES NOT apply to everyday. They told me "They do not clean on Tuesdays and Thursdays" ie you drop off something any time Monday after 9am, you will only get it back Wednesday after 5pm. So plan accordingly.

    December 08, 2021

    Wow I gotta say I’m very happy with this place! Been looking for a new dry-cleaner for a while and its been stressful finding a new place to trust my expensive and unique clothes with. I will definitely become a regular here. Observing them, they seem to have a very systematic and organized process. Their prices are reasonable. And my clothes came out perfect. I hope they can keep consistent. The staff was very friendly too. Im very happy with these people. Good job!

    Robyn L
    July 05, 2020

    I went here for many years with the attitude that you get what you pay for. A missing button, a stubborn stain, some wrinkled shirts once in a while felt like the price of 1.99-2.69 per item. Fast forward then to the case of my leather jacket. I bought one at a flea market and needed it cleaned. I brought it here and the check in staff told me it would be $2.69. I challenged him that that was too low for this item, and he insisted “all items are $2.69 except for exceptions and this is not an exception.” Skeptically, I have him the jacket and expected a call that the price would be higher. Instead, when I returned to pick up the jacket, I was told it would cost $38 to get back. I said that was too much for this flea market item, I’ll not have it cleaned. However, they had already cleaned it and would not return it until I paid far more than ever agreed. I asked them for a print menu of costs for a leather jacket. There wasn’t one. I asked why they didn’t call me before taking on a $38 cleaning without my consent. They hadn’t even tried to call. I asked to speak to a manager about negotiating the release of my jacket. The manager was stubborn and dismissive. So if they don’t care about my business, then I suggest you don’t care about theirs. Or at least know you get what you pay for and that means some terrible service sometimes and outright fraud at other times.

    Dry Clean Expo

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