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4829 Bethesda Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814, USA

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    Arman Jamali
    February 03, 2024

    This five guys location is awesome. The fries and the burgers taste so great, that this feels like fast food heaven. This location is near my high school and I go there every Monday and Thursday. One of the managers that work here was very respectful. One time we went there, it was our first day of school and my brother came to eat here with me. When that manager took our order, we told her that it was our first day of school and this was one way we finished the first day strong. UPDATE: This location now has a ketchup dispenser, and previously they didn't have one, so I have to take 10 ketchup packets to fill up my ketchup cup.

    Germano Corrêa
    May 22, 2023

    They make the best french fries I have ever had in my life so far. The fries here are promoted from a humble side dish to a main attraction. As a foreigner living in the US, I am always amazed how an apparently simple and ordinary thing such as french fries can be so flavorful.

    Efe Shipman
    December 10, 2022

    By grading as a fast food chain I can honestly say burgers and concept are great for their counterparts such as bk or mcdonalds, fries were phenomenal as well.

    B B
    December 17, 2023

    In the ever-evolving tapestry of American cuisine, where the humble burger reigns with an iron fist cloaked in a sesame seed glove, Five Guys emerges as a beacon of indulgence, a siren call to the famished and the fearless. As I sauntered into this revered temple of meat and bun, the aroma of sizzling patties danced in the air like a ballet of beef, choreographed to the rhythm of popping grease. The décor, a mosaic of red and white checkered nostalgia, harkens back to simpler times, when burgers were burgers, and fries didn't attend yoga classes. Amidst the buzzing symphony of orders shouted and bags crinkled, I placed my order with the enthusiasm of a child in a candy store, albeit one with a sophisticated palate and a penchant for critique. The burger, oh the burger! It arrived swaddled in foil like a precious gift, a culinary Christmas in the heart of fast-food July. Unwrapping it revealed a masterpiece of meaty proportions – a patty as plump as a well-fed cherub, cheese melting in cascades like golden lava, and toppings fresher than a debutante at her first ball. Each bite was a journey through a landscape of flavors, where the beef, robust and unapologetically greasy, whispered sweet nothings to the crisp lettuce and the bashful tomato. The bun, a soft, pillowy cloud, gently cradled its precious cargo, like a loving grandmother knitting warmth into a woolen scarf. And let us not forget the fries, those golden sticks of starchy splendor, each one cut with the precision of a diamond artisan. They lay heaped in abundance, a treasure trove of salty goodness, as if Five Guys feared I might embark on a long winter hibernation and needed sustenance for months. Yet, amidst this revelry of excess, one must pause and ponder – is this the pinnacle of burgerdom, or simply a glorified monument to the American appetite? The patties, though flavorful, bear the weight of greasy guilt, and the sheer volume of food could feed a small village, or at least a moderately sized family reunion. In sum, Five Guys stands as a colossus in the burger landscape, unabashed in its celebration of excess. It's a place where diets come to die glorious deaths, and where the notion of a "light snack" is laughed out of the room. A culinary carnival of sorts, where the rides are greasy, the prizes are caloric, and every visit is a delicious descent into delightful, delectable decadence. But what truly baffled me was the adulation this establishment received from its local patrons. With nearly five-star ratings, I stood, as confused as Alice must have felt in her Wonderland, pondering whether the East Coasters had a different definition of what constitutes a culinary delight. Do they find comfort in the mundane, a solace in the ordinary that eludes my West Coast palate? In conclusion, my experience at Five Guys was a foray into the heartland of American fast food culture, but it left my taste buds yearning for the innovative and fresh flavors of California. It was a reminder that sometimes, in the world of burgers, less is more, and simplicity needs a touch of sophistication.

    Cezare Blanko
    November 14, 2023

    Came this morning and waited until 11am, which the doors should be opening. Prior, am lady came outside and questioned why I was there. I'm like I'm trying to order and she just closed and locked the door, looking at me like I'm an robber. I then waited until 1104am in which they still did not open and just watched then talking and looking at me and the other 3 people awaiting. We all just walked away. Very unprofessional

    Five Guys

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    4829 Bethesda Ave, Bethesda, MD 20814, USA

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