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    Sweet Kitty
    May 28, 2024

    This Chinese supermarket is likely one of the most comprehensive in Maryland. As soon as you walk into the store, an unpleasant smell hits you. However, the store appears to be sort of clean and tidy. The selection is quite extensive, ranging from seasonings to daily necessities, frozen fresh foods, and vegetables. There are even many types of Chinese medicine available. The quality of the goods varies, so customers need to rely on their own experience and knowledge to make choices. When the quality is good, it's very good, but I've also encountered moldy tofu and fried dough sticks. Overall, the prices are slightly higher than those at nearby Chinese supermarket, such as New York Mary and 99 Ranch Market, but the quality is also a bit better. Be cautious when buying discounted items. There is a food court inside with some meat and vegetable dishes. It's enough to fill you up, but the quality is average. The parking lot is relatively small, and parking can be difficult on weekends. Overall, it's pretty decent.

    Justin Lieu
    February 20, 2024

    Great Wall Supermarket have a wide variety of products from Asia. I was really impressed with their produce selection. Everything looked very fresh. They also have a lot of different cuts of lots of different fish, beef, chicken and pork. There were also several check out lines open so we didn't wait long. It was a great experience and I found everything I was looking for. I would recommend this supermarket to anyone looking for something different than your mainstream supermarkets.

    Spiral Tote
    April 01, 2024

    1Apr.2024 This is a well stocked supermarket. I like the 2qt size soy sauce. So many Asian items to choose from. Wonderful fruit and seafood selection. Huge fresh prawns and fish. So cool to see some fruit on display with a cute face drawn on it. American markets wouldn’t dare to do that. The food court only has one restaurant. The service is nice and food is delicious. Lunch special is a serious meal & so fulfilling. The HMart in Frederick has several restaurants to choose from.

    Miriam Miriam
    April 07, 2024

    4.5 stars. I make the 35 minute drive out here at least once a month to stock up on my Asian necessities like rice, noodles, sauces, whole fish & other seafood, Asian snacks and fruits, and other goodies. I like making a pot of soup on a weekly basis, and this is the place that I always buy pork neck bones for soup. Pork neck bone soup with lotus root, or winter melon, or carrots and potatoes and dates. You can usually find all the fresh ingredients you need for cooking soup and Asian dishes here. On the most part, the quality is okay. But you will notice that there are some foods that aren't as fresh. You just need to know what you're looking for and choose wisely. Many people shop here, so their workers are busy adding more items. There is a small food court in the back of the grocery store, but I've never tried their cooked foods before. There are many good restaurants in the nearby area, so we always eat something delicious whenever we visit Rockville, before going to the grocery store. I only wish this place wasn't so far of a drive for me. I also wish the items are more fresh and better organized.

    Max Bell
    July 14, 2024

    Great supermarket, a huge selection of Chinese produce, ingredients, baked goods, etc. they have some Japanese items but not too much. They don’t have any Korean items. However, compared to H-Mart it has more authentic Chinese brands and imports from China and has things which you can only really find in store. Come during mid-autumn season to find all the mooncakes! They are really good.

    Great Wall Supermarket

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