Hamilton Nissan Collision Center

1929 Dual Hwy, Hagerstown, MD 21740, USA

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    lawn care
    February 19, 2024

    A few months after I got my car back I popped my hood. My hood release falls apart in my hand. I thought it was melted, but it was hot glue gobbled all over it because it was broken and cobbled up. It was also painted black to hide the glue. I called today and of course they don't know anything about it. I replaced that part myself about 2 years ago. So I know it wasn't glued before it went to Hamilton.

    Amanda Wigfield
    November 17, 2022

    The Collision Center is horrible! Extremely condescending and flat out claimed “nothing” was wrong with my vehicle. I hit and ran over a deer. Vehicle was sent here by my Insurance company. Went to pick it up the first time and went right back in to the office because there was a horrible rattle and vibration still coming from under my vehicle. They said they would look at it again to check it. 15 minutes later they claimed it was just a loose bracket and they fixed it. I was concerned that it may not still be fixed and advised them to do a thorough check otherwise they’d be receiving a call back if it still wasn’t fixed and I’d be taking it to my own mechanic to have it double checked. Guess what?!!!! It wasn’t fixed. Rattle still very apparent. Called back and talked to “Mark” the manager. He was extremely condescending and claimed the rattle I was hearing was coming from something in the back of my car. That noise is a metal wrench in my metal tool box. Completely different from an exhaust rattle. I informed him of this and he interrupted me and told me to go ahead and call my mechanic because he was done with me. There’s nothing wrong with my car, the alignment was completed and the bracket was fixed. I drove straight to my mechanic and he put it on his lift and low and behold the exhaust is bent and pushed to left causing the rattle. Photos attached. How does a Collision and Service Center of Nissan vehicles miss this on a Nissan? Only good experience was the lady contacting me about pick up and the alignment was done well. Unfortunately Mark completely ruined the experience. I’m sorry I was very frustrated and can’t remember her name. Anyway……my car is now being “fixed” for real this time and I will NEVER bring my vehicle to this location or buy a vehicle from them. Which I am in the market for currently.

    Mr. Sweet
    October 19, 2023

    Collision Center assumed I wanted my vehicle fixed when all I wanted was a quote for the insurance adjuster. Luckily after not receiving a call for a few days I followed up and they said my car was appart. Waiting for the insurance adjuster to see the additional damage. But once they found out I didn't approve them to fix it they put it back together and the adjuster didn't see it plus they didn't note or tell me what the additional damage was. On top of that they tried to pop out the dent in the fron bumber and broke it in the process. Then the drivers side visor was broken when I picked up the SUV and it wasn't that way when I dropped it off... I'll make one attempt to have them rectify the situation but I already know it will be a waste of time...

    Deltoria Gallant
    January 27, 2021

    I have had body work here more then once and every time I am completely happy with the work and feel I was charged a fair price. The only downside is that they are sometimes booked out a week or so you have to make and appointment and wait ( obviously they have a high demand) but they will start ordering part while you wait if they know what you will need. They have a quick turnaround and all the staff is helpful and provide excellent customer service. Their work is excellent and I don't consider other shops for my bodywork.

    Acelin Valentz
    May 12, 2019

    Fast, Friendly and efficient. I took my car back almost a year after they had worked on it because my wiper fluid dispenser was not working. They took it back, checked it out and had it working perfect in less than 15 minutes, at no charge. Best service. Definitely reccomend!

    Hamilton Nissan Collision Center

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    1929 Dual Hwy, Hagerstown, MD 21740, USA

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