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    Allison Hawkins
    April 22, 2022

    Our help in the store was great, however waiting for the couches took forever. When they were finally delivering our couches, they couldn't fit it up the stairs- fine, I understand. They put two holes in our walls of our brand new house and did not tell us, we discovered it after they left. Then dealing with Marlo customer service trying to return the couch and deal with the damage has been nothing short of an absolute nightmare. We were so excited but have been incredibly disappointed.

    Mallory Kirchner
    November 13, 2022

    Natalia is the absolute best!! We had so much fun picking out our furniture with her!! Awesome customer service and she has a great eye for what looks good- not just trying to sell, she’s truly helpful and you will not be disappointed working with her!!

    January 28, 2022

    Highly enjoyed our shopping experience with Ivan. He helped us identify the perfect living room furniture that is perfect for our home. Don’t hesitate to ask for Ivan!

    Jahan Mohmand
    April 11, 2022

    The most worst furniture they have, I purchased a bunk bed from them even not a week that all the boards are broken the screw are lose, when I tried to tied the screws those are just turning and don’t tied enough, I called them more than 10 minutes they direct me to insurance the insurance is another lair company, when they sell the insurance on you they say that they cover all the accidentally damaged but they don’t. I will never buy anything from them. Look at the pictures who think this is a brand new bed?

    Ella Mossaleh
    December 05, 2022

    Bought an expensive bedroom set with its mattress for my 8 yr. old son purchased in May 2022, they came and set up the bed and placed the mattress. we moved to the new home after almost 2 months so the bed was not used during that time. We were informed the bed did not need or come with a box mattress, after a few nights moving to the new home and my son sleeping on the bed, the mattress had deep impressions of body weight, I thought the problem was due to the mattress so I called the costumer service and they said they do not return/ exchange the mattress. I decided to purchase another mattress for my son since he was complaining of back pain and not sleeping well during the night. When I removed the mattress I saw there are only 3 very THIN (only 3)planks/slants of wood supporting the mattress ! There are lots of empty space between the three thin wood slants!!! Where the indentations of the mattress happened. I can’t believe this!! I never ever had such a horrible experience! Now not only the mattress is ruined after just a few months of use but also the bed set which I paid over $2000 is not useful without the missing wooden slants. Even with a new mattress this will happen again. So either the bed was not well made or the people who set up the bed forgot to place the rest of the slants and they just placed the mattress on top so we don’t notice the missing wooden slants that should support the mattress. My husband and I are extremely upset but we had a HORRIBLE experience with this company’s costumer service that we don’t know what to do at this point. The people who sold us the bed set and mattress didn’t care since they already got their commission and good reviews on google and didn’t have to do anything with us after that. Please look carefully! Even on their google reviews they only responded to people who gave them 5 stars and never responded to those who gave them one star (which was definitely due to their bad costumer service experience or the lack of quality in the products! ) That’s how much they care about us! I paid almost 3 grands for this bed set and mattress. Considering that this is a twin bed that according to the sales person should last my son for the next 8 years. I will never ever purchase anything from this company again since they are nice with you until they get your money. Worst WORST WORST experience ever. I hope at least somebody at Marlo furniture cares and contacts us and solve this issue. This is NOT ACCEPTABLE. Please take a look at the attached photo!!

    Marlo Furniture & Mattress Store

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