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    Janea Wells
    March 01, 2024

    Moss Chiropractic and Wellness Center in Olney, MD is the best place for Chiropractic services! I could barely walk for 4 days. After arriving, Dr. Moss helped me understand what was happening with my body and what needs to happen for improvement. The consultation and adjustment were PHENOMENAL! I was literally able to walk 10 times better after my appointment. I would recommend this practice to everyone!!

    Dawn Brinker
    January 31, 2024

    A few years ago, I was searching for a chiropractor in the Ashton-Sandy Springs / Olney area to provide me with some relief from severe elbow pain that was not getting any better with physical therapy three times a week. That's when I stumbled across Moss Chiropractic and Wellness of Olney. This turned out to be one of the best decisions I have ever made. At the time, I had pretty much given up all hope of ever playing softball again. Let's face it, you can't throw a ball if you can't bend your elbow. During my initial consultation and first session, Dr. Ray and Dr. Gabriella both took the time to understand my problem and educate me on the wellness plan that would ultimately restore my best health. I had some initial X-rays taken of my spine, an exam which documented my range of motion and strength and a foot leveler analysis to look at the affect that my feet had on my overall body. The X-rays showed a misalignment of my spine, the exam showed a significant % of weakness in my right hand and the foot leveler analysis revealed that I have high arches in both of my feet. After just a few adjustments to my neck and back, I was able to mimic the motion of throwing a softball with minimal pain. After a few weeks of treatments, I was back on the field good as new again. Recently, I have been getting treatment for lower back pain and a a pinched nerve in the back of my neck which is causing my right hand to experience tingling and numbness. I can officially say that the lower back pain is gone and the pain level associated with the pinched nerve has gone from a 10 to about a 3 with the tingling and numbness occurring much less frequently. While many may be skeptical about chiropractic services, I'm here to tell you that I'm a believer. Not only do I see results, but I see them quick and I owe that to Moss Chiropractic. It's not about just treating the symptom, but rather the source of the problem which requires a thorough look at the body as a whole. Dr. Ray and Dr. Gabriella are experts in their field and they share that expertise with their patients in order to develop a personalized wellness plan that works. The staff is wonderful and the ease of making an appointment is a bonus. If you're looking for one of the best chiropractors around, look no further. I promise you, you're in great hands.

    Abe Farsh
    October 11, 2023

    I've had the pleasure of experiencing exceptional care at Moss Chiropractic in Olney. After trying two other chiropractic services without any significant improvement in my chronic back pain, I was considering giving up on this treatment altogether. That's when I discovered Moss Chiropractic. Dr. Gabriel Moss conducted a meticulous evaluation of my entire body, including X-rays and a comprehensive examination. He took the time to understand my health history from childhood to the present. Dr. Moss's approach was truly holistic and personalized. I've been attending sessions at Moss Chiropractic for about five sessions now, and the difference is remarkable. My posture has greatly improved, and I'm experiencing significantly less discomfort. Dr. Moss's expertise and tailored care have made a world of difference in my well-being. If you're seeking chiropractic care that genuinely addresses your needs and provides noticeable results, I highly recommend Moss Chiropractic. Dr. Gabriel Moss and his team have made a positive impact on my life, and I'm grateful for their outstanding care.

    yesenia guzman
    December 17, 2023

    I began my chiropractic journey with Moss Chiropractic and Wellness in November 2023, and the positive impact on my life has been nothing short of remarkable. From improved sleep to heightened awareness of my posture, Dr. G and Dr. Raymond have truly made a difference in my overall well-being. One of the standout features of Moss Chiropractic and Wellness is their commitment to not just treating patients but also educating them. The team goes above and beyond in providing valuable information, ensuring that you understand the root causes of your concerns and empowering you to take an active role in your health. Despite residing in Rockville, MD, I willingly make the drive to Olney because the level of care I receive is unparalleled. Dr. G and Dr. Raymond create an atmosphere that is both welcoming and comforting, making you feel confident that you are in good hands. The genuine concern and personalized attention I've experienced at Moss Chiropractic and Wellness have exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend their practice to anyone seeking not only relief from physical discomfort but also a holistic approach to health and well-being. Thank you, Moss Chiropractic and Wellness, for transforming my perspective on chiropractic care and helping me achieve a healthier, more balanced life!

    Rochelle Abramson
    January 26, 2024

    After 7 spinal surgeries, 5 hip replacements, 5 hospitalizations, a good friend suggested that I contact Moss Chiropractic. The best advice I ever got. The staff and doctors are kind and welcoming, not like several other groups I had tried (others that were very different) and where the client got the impression that every one is just like one in a herd of cattle. Not wanting to keep this wonderdful experience to myself, I started sharing this grand discovery with only my best friends.

    Moss Chiropractic and Wellness of Olney

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