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    Mark Luksenburg
    February 06, 2024

    I have been a client of Saunders Tax and Accounting since either 2006 or 2007 and have always been extremely satisfied. Saunders Tax always gets my annual income tax returns completed 100% accurately and quickly. Not only do I highly recommend Saunders Tax and Accounting, but I also intend to continue working with this great, very highly professional firm going forward. 😊

    Dean Dobson
    February 16, 2023

    I was a 40 year return customer that after last years fiasco & Saunders Tax services continuing to not do in person taxes that takes an average of 20-30 minutes , to taking drop offs that takes weeks to get back to a customer & then setting up an phone appointment to talk to you about your tax return that takes that afore mentioned 20-30 minutes , then another week or more goes by before setting up an appointment to go over your tax ( at least this time in person ) , but they still have questions & have to redo what they already have done ! Fineally you think that everything is done , but you don’t hear anything or receive you taxes for 4-6 weeks , so call in to find out what’s going on & are told that they haven’t even been filed yet ! So have to wait yet again , 2 months later you finally get your state taxes back , usually only took a week ! Then finally another month later you get your federal taxes back , usually only took 4-6 weeks ! So yes I’m going to another company after 40 years for if this is the way Saunders is doing business now they won’t be in business much longer ! H & R Block are doing in person , just like last year & people are getting their taxes back in a relatively short amount of time , instead of the 6 month wait ! Sorry but if I could give a no star review I would . Sadly Dean Dobson

    September 07, 2022

    Never Again! Miscommunication, mismanagement, misinformation...and possible misconduct. All because your "funny" (offensive) manager Tanja was offended at my response to her offensive and non customer service response. All because she refused to listen to my complaints and then willfully offended me. An IRS form 14157 Return preparer complaint and then contacting MD DLLR for follow up, should be the appropriate action. Taking someone's money to do their taxes, then failing to file their taxes after accepting that payment is a violation (even if you return those payments). Your manager is going to drive your buisness in to the ground, maybe you should have reached out instead of sending a sneaky letter. Rest assured all of my freinds and family will never be back (after decades of use). (Response to Response)... It is clear that Saunders Tax and accounting management refuses to accept any fault of their own... I do concur about my comments (I was uspet). I won't lie, what about Saunders? Saunders clearly does not accept any fault in their part. I guess that's beacuse of poor management. I was passed around from 3 different personel, none who communicated what the process was for my unique situation. I did not provide false information, Saunders failed to to communicate what the process was for my situation and changed the return I was to receive on 3 different occasions. All in all this just shows that Saunders Tax and accounting is incompetent and are trying to defer blame and possible wrongdoing. Good luck to anyone who has unique situations and or circumstances using your buisness. All you had to do was the right thing, with customer service instead of deferring blame.

    Robert Lutz
    February 07, 2018

    This is our fourth year using Saunders for our income tax preparation. Mistakes have been made each of the past three years but I was hopeful this year would be different. It was not. I paid $320 to have my taxes prepared by a somewhat sloppy gentleman who looked like he’s 18 years old. He spoke so fast that I could not understand most of what he said. He spent more time with his coworkers, asking questions, than with me. And yes, he made a mistake (more than $500, not in my favor). Fortunately I caught the mistake while I was there. My experience was so far from meeting my expectations that I don’t know how to describe it. I paid a professional price for an amateur experience.

    Legendary Gary
    March 16, 2019

    I have been going to Saunders Tax & Accounting for years and they have never let me down. I have recently moved out of the Tri-State area to south east Virginia but I will continue to utilize their services as they will gladly do Virginia taxes. Their fees are a bit high but it's worth it if you want peace of mind and to avoid issues with the IRS. As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. Their staff is very friendly and will not hesitate to contact you for any questions or possible issue they may find.

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