Sole D’Italia Restaurant

14324 Layhill Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20906, USA

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    Eric Gonski
    January 03, 2024

    This restaurant has become awful with the new owners. Me and my family have been customers almost every week for 15 years but we will never return now. I ordered a carry out pizza order that they told me would take 20 minutes as usual. To my surprise when I arrive the cashier who is clearly hungover or high can’t find my order after five minutes of searching. Luckily there was another competent cashier who found it immediately, but they forgot to make half of the order. She tells me they are remaking it now. I end up waiting 40 minutes extra for the pizza they forgot when the original wait time was only 20 minutes and the whole time the cashier is telling me it’s in the oven and will only be a few minutes. Of course this whole time the first pizza that they already made is just sitting getting cold. To top it all off when get home and try the pizza it’s all undercooked so now I get to wait an extra twenty minutes to heat up the oven and cook it myself. This is beyond inexcusable and nobody should give Sole D’Italia a chance under the new owners. They’ve ruined an amazing pizza place. If you like doughy pizza that is 40 minutes late then this is the place for you I guess. Everyone else should stay away.

    Fast Foodie
    January 25, 2024

    The salad was fresh, and well worth the price. Beer was cold and served in a clean glass. The pizza took 50 minutes. After waiting 45, I asked what’s was taking so long, they said they burned the pizza and it would a few more minutes. I waited 5 more. We were the ONLY couple in the entire place. It was 6pm…dinner hour and the only people I there and after 50 minutes we asked for a refund and left. I anticipated some great pizza, wish I could’ve tried it. I love pizza and eat it 2-3 times a week. When I asked for a refund after 50 minutes, the “manager” questioned me “50 minutes” he said. I showed him the transaction time on My notifications on my phone. He backed off and said give them a refund after he went back to the kitchen and noticed the pizza on top of the oven. Good grief, get it right people. We were the only couple in the entire place. Quit smoking weed out back and pay attention to your customers!

    Chas bunch
    March 10, 2023

    Okay so I went here thinking this was actually a real restaurant. As I enter it’s a freaking bar!!! No warm welcome from bartender lady as she was very into her conversation with the guys sitting at bar! So after five minutes I finally ask for a menu to place an order!! Food took about 20 minutes which was not bad!! Looked good and taste good! Not sure if ingredients were fresh expired or not a clean cooking area but I got really sick later in day!

    Michelle Kaufman
    January 30, 2024

    We used to get pizza from here all the time. It was my kid's favorite place. Today, when we came to pick up the order, they stated they did not get the order because they no longer have the order tablet. There were no orders ready and no customers at 5:30. The people cooking were having a discussion about how to properly cook pizza. I am happy we decided to cancel the order and got a refund. We also were surprised to see that the place appears to be "in the process of renovation" but was still open. More surprisingly, other reviewers from 4 months ago also described the decor as we saw it....tacky tables and chairs pushed up against the walls, disorganized, a nightclub atmosphere. I guess that was the look they were going for?

    michele braxton
    February 04, 2024

    I had my 69th bday here on 2/1. I am overwhelmed with praise of thanks. We had a great time and food was fantastic as well as the service. Anything we needed was graciously given. The drinks were great too😂!!! The new owners are fabulous. We will be back on a weekend. Thanks again for the fun.

    Sole D’Italia Restaurant

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    14324 Layhill Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20906, USA

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