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    Jahin Al jawad
    July 04, 2024

    I was referred to Superior Damage Restoration by a friend. They were very friendly and I am happy with their work. They take their work so seriously that it impresses me. I will use them again if needed.

    September 16, 2023

    We hired this company to do a remodel on our house. Initially they seemed very personable and professional. We checked the license and read the good reviews. We signed a contract. We paid a large deposit promptly, we paid every due payment within a day or two. The project had fits and starts but we did not think much of it. We were trusting. 5 months into a four-month project and with over $90,000 dollars already paid to this company, our house was gutted, roof and floor still open, the wood warping because of the extreme heat and rain, not a single inspection has been passed, their invoices started becoming more vague, their attitude very aggressive. They picked a fight over $1500 dollars pulled their crew, stopped the work, and started threatening us with false accusations and lawsuits. We hired three independent experts to assess the work they did and we got the answer again and again, the work is of very poor quality, the structural work is all wrong, we will be better off demolishing and starting over. What they did to our home and our family is unforgivable and I hope that they meet their just desert as I am sure they will.

    Ree B.
    July 25, 2022

    Scheduled an appointment for an in-person consultation for a structural modification involving a garage wall reconstruction on a new home purchase. The scheduler took down all the details and booked the appointment for four business days later. The next day she phoned back to inquire whether the wall is a load-bearing wall (not something that the average homeowner would know). Further on the scheduled appointment day, within the appointment window their technician pro called and indicated we could do a 'virtual' appointment. I was outdone. When I objected and expressed that the scheduler let me know that the company rep would be 'ARRIVING' between 12- 1pm - not calling for a virtual appointment, he said he would reach out ' and see if someone else was available to assist me" that day. A few minutes later, I received not a call but instead an email inviting me to take their next available schedule date 3 or 4 days later. This hinted me to what their service and fulfillment of work would be like. VERY NEGATIVE Experience! I would NOT recommend this business.

    Frank Caruso
    August 12, 2020

    With the exception of hanging the clock, the mirror sanding and painting the holes in the Master Bedroom closet, The staff is very polite and understanding. I asked for at least 1 person that speaks English and another that speaks both English and Spanish My wife and I was very disappointed that the 6 hours that it took to reassemble my closet, was not done correctly. The 2 men that attempted to reinstalled the wire shelving had no critical thinking skills on how to rehang the wire shelving. It was like they called me every 5 minutes and were asking me "Where do you want this piece of shelving". These guys did not take the time to measure the wire shelving to see where it would fit best in the closet . There were no drawings made to show me on how it would be set up as a finished product. May I suggest that if your company does work with hanging wire shelving that they are properly trained on "How To" do this. Visit YouTube sites, on "How To Do" what ever the required job calls for. I would hire this company again only to do simple stuff like painting and hanging stuff on walls. Unless the customer doesn't ask the right questions, you the customer may not get on what you asked for if you don't asked the hard questions the first time you meet with the project manager that gives you the estimate on the job.

    John Baird
    October 03, 2020

    Earlier this year some water issues in our finished basement triggered a long overdue renovation. Did a demolition of floors, walls and ceilings, addressed the water issues, and installed new everything. I loved the team and the work that they did. I could set my watch by their start times! Only problem now is that my basement looks better than the rest of the house.

    Superior Damage Restoration

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