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    Ferry Keremati
    January 13, 2024

    My mom she had almost 2 months back pain as soon she started to visit Dr Yousefi he finds what is happening to her back pain we are really appreciate his professional services she get every day better we are happy to have Dr yousefi in meryland we can reach him and recommending to friends and family if they need him . Thank you Dr yousefi for your Hurd working plus thanks to his team .

    Arlene Johnson
    October 10, 2023

    I’m aghast at the hubris of the men who run this practice and who are not at all trauma informed. If you have any history of physical trauma/assault stay away. Today I had the displeasure of seeing Dr. Yousefi for the first time. The initial red flag for me was that Yousefi did not introduce himself even though we’d never met. Despite the place not being busy, he got right to it, asking if I wanted upper or lower back electrodes. I requested both, to which he replied, “You know your body better than me.” Perceiving some condescending doubt, I made a point to agree with him. All of his subsequent actions however, proved he believed quite the contrary. He proceeded by asking me if I wanted 4 or 2 electrode pads. I said that I usually do 4. He replied that 2 is better. This was annoying. Why give me a choice just to trump it? He then aggressively raised and lowered my shirt and pants to apply the electrode pads, exposing my bra, my back, my upper butt cheek, and moving my underware. This was disturbing, as I’ve never had anyone here do this. The awesome, kind woman who is usually assisting, gently lifts my shirt from my body and applies the pads without exposing my back and/or butt cheeks and even warns me that the pads might be cold. He did none of this, no easy movement and little explanation of his actions. Once the pads were in place, he went on to quickly crank the dials without progressing through the intensity slowly. Instead of giving my body time to decide the level of intensity that suited me, he blasted them, saying, “You should take it as high as you can stand it.” I am almost immediately trying to to say, “Woah!” As he finishes his sentence. I asked him to lower the pulse speed on my lower back and he did not, but said he did! When I asked the tech to lower it, they went and got the doctor again. I told him I was uncomfortable and he again fakes lowering the dial. At this point I am upset, nearing tears, and feeling violated and gaslit. I say, “I am frustrated and I’ve never been uncomfortable like this here.” Yousefi pats my back and says, “Your comfort is what matters. I’m proud of you, you know why?” As he finally lowers the intensity. To which I reply, “I do not know why and I don’t care what you think of me. I don’t even know your name and you’re not listening to me.” He was trying to convince me to stick it out for the final two minutes but I told him to take them all off and stop. I then walked out of the office. Dr. Bullen soon calls my cell to ask where I was. When I explain all that happened, he seemed flabbergasted at me and he halfheartedly apologized, offering no validation or reassurance. Instead I’m told that Yousefi is a partner, the owner of the practice, as if that matters at all. In being told that Yousefi has 40+ years of experience, I hurt for the countless women—people—who have had to endure his oblivious lack of bedside manner and manipulation in the face of any expression of discontent or pain. My lower back tingles uncomfortably, still, hours later. People do know their bodies best, doctor. And it’s absolutely unacceptable to treat someone the way I was treated. Where I got the courage to leave, I do not know, but I will never return!!

    Ben Foxman
    March 04, 2019

    Everyone from the receptionists to the PT trainers and doctors are personable, professional, and are simply experts in their field. They treat you (and your chiropractic needs) with the personal care and attention they deserve. After illuminating my perspective on how my physiology relates to my back and spine, I realize that everybody needs a chiropractor, generally speaking. I highly recommend this practice to anyone in the area.

    Yulia B
    February 26, 2021

    Best stuff, starting from receptionist to the doctor I have ever encountered. Doctor Young is very professional, thorough and knowledgeable. I am a new person thanks to his professionalism and attention. I would strongly recommend this practice to anyone .

    Fekade Tsegaselassie
    January 20, 2020

    The moment you enter the office you receive a warm welcome from the resorption room a young girl Grace and Amin in’s the best sport counselor his advice of exercises helped me a lot ro recover quickly.Dr. Yousefi and Dr. Yang’s experience is amazing I don’t have a word to explain about them. I give them all 5 stars.

    Yousefi Chiropractic Clinic

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    9200 Colesville Rd, Silver Spring, MD 20910, USA

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