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    Jessica Liu
    June 22, 2023

    Horrible experience with their tailoring. I took in a bridesmaid dress and asked to have it hemmed. The seamstress marked the length to hem, and when I came to pick up the dress two weeks later, one side was 1.5 inches shorter than the other side. When I pointed this out, the tailor said "the machine must have pulled the fabric" and took zero responsibility. When I pointed out the many flaws in the hemming job, the seamstress told me to steam and iron the dress. *The dress was dry cleaned by them, again, they refused to take any responsibility*. The dress is too short on one side so the length can't be hemmed further. The hemming job was full of flaws - see the pictures below. They refused to refund me. It's ridiculous that I paid $50, handed them my new dress and got back a damaged dress. Take your tailoring elsewhere.

    7654321 Maryland
    June 01, 2024

    My silk dress came back with only one shoulder pad. Called a few times last week hoping the staff has found my missing shoulder pad when they empty their drum of dry-cleaning liquid, and each time was given a different reason that they don't have it. I just now called again, asking if the seamstress in the shop would made one for the dress. She hang up on me.

    Beryl Liu
    April 13, 2024

    I have this spot that’s dirty on my pants, that’s why I send the clothes there for dry cleaning. But guess what, after I got the clothes, the same spot is still there, I don’t think they actually clean it. They just fold it and put into a bag.

    Hamza Ala Aldin
    March 18, 2024

    Stay away from this place as much as you can, Half my shirts have been damaged by them, last time one of my white shirts they damaged it with the iron that has its mark in the middle of the back of my shirt, it took them a week to try to fix it than they gave it to me and it’s yellowish after multiple try’s, they damaged other shirts that have stains by them, can’t believe this. I have to buy multiple things now because of them. And when you bring a suite to them don’t be surprised that your suite smells bad, I personally use perfumes when I first get to my car and before I get to office so my suites shouldn’t even have that smell but after pick up your suites from here you will figure out that they don’t even properly clean your clothes. Stay away from this place pay extra dollar or two to keep your clothes clean. What a shame. Update : I didn’t say I came with a stain on my clothes I said you guys damaged it with your iron machine that you can see on the back of the shirt yellow and three circles like a triangle from the iron machine. And the manager had the audacity coming to me and saying we have to investigate this ! It might be you who done it. So rude and so disrespectful. And FYI one time the lost 2 shirts until I made them look for it. And yes even if you use solvents and other chemicals it still coming out of your place smelly which I finds it very odd. So please keep your offer to fix it for yourself. I’ll go somewhere else. If I can give less then one star I would

    briana willingham
    April 20, 2024

    Twice I have had this store charge me incorrectly for button re-sew on uniform pants. I drop off pants , button attached , ask for it to be tightened and charged $3 , when I return for pick up they try to charge another $5 for a button (which i provide) . I paid the first time as a matter of convenience even though I know they were wrong . But I wont pay again. This most recent incident the woman clerk (same one who I dropped off to) was rude and unhelpful, clerk says manager assessed the charge in the system post sale but is not in store and cant provide any contact number or way to speak to a manager. Clerk then rudely summons another customer to the counter in front me. It's the principle here , pricing not transparent and no management to assist when I question charges. I've emailed corporate, no response. It's time for a new dry cleaner , you get the service you pay for. Cheap cleaners, bad service sounds about right.

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