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    Adriana Egusquiza
    August 28, 2023

    DO NOT BRING YOUR CLOTHES HERE!! If you don’t want your clothing to be ruined, I took a short with no stains and they gave it back with a white stain. They said I brought it like that which is totally false! I even have proof from their own cameras that it wasn’t like that when I brought it. They don't want to do anything about it. The “manager” does not know that before making an affirmation she has to make sure from their own evidence how I brought my clothes into the store. Poorly management. The general manager MONICA, should get fired immediately !! She is rude, yells at customers and even call names. She called me a liar and I had to tell her to stop yelling at me. Disappointment 😡😡😡

    Mark Hamrick
    May 21, 2023

    This ZIPS store is crazy busy during peak hours. That's because of the lower prices for dry cleaning compared to other outlets in the area. So, in a sense there's a price for the lower prices, which means one could be waiting in line. Even so, the staff is professional and generally polite. It used to be cash only which drove some customers a bit wild, but that's been changed for a while now and credit/debit cards are accepted. There's also a seamstress available typically Monday-Friday and the prices there are reasonable as well. They will ask for a phone number to help track orders and those who register can receive money-saving rewards. My advice is stay away if you have a tougher stain you need removed and take that somewhere else. But if you need a button sewed on, or run of the mill dry cleaning/laundry, ZIPS is a good option. Before the pandemic, one could go to either of two counters in the front and the back, but recently only the front part of the store is staffed, which unfortunately adds to the lines when it is busy. Not open on Sunday. Most of the time, your order will be ready no later than the end of the next day, or by 5 pm if you get it in by 9 am the same day.

    Isabelle C
    June 22, 2023

    This location needs to fire their alternations seamstress. I went into the store early in the week with a dress that I need for my sister's engagement party. I just needed the hem to be stitched one inch. I asked her if she could have it ready by Thursday, as I'm leaving for my flight Thursday night and the engagement party is Friday, and she said yes that she could have it by Thursday and to come in then. I came in earlier today (Thursday) and was told the dress was in the "Monday pile" and would be ready then. I then told them that I had asked for it to be done by Thursday, as I needed it the next day. I asked for the dress back, and they said that they could get it done Saturday. I said that wouldn't work, and again needed it by Friday. They then tried to negotiate to the dress being done by Friday at 1pm. I said no, and insisted that I needed to have the dress back, and I felt like they were purposefully trying to not give it to me. They said that they needed to go into the back to see if they could find it. As one of the other staff members looked for it (taking about 30 minutes), I overheard the alternations seamstress then talk with a different customer who was upset that she didn't do the alternation he had come in for a week prior. I watched her argue with him and act incredibly condescending towards him, despite her being in the wrong. Eventually, the staff member who went to the back found my dress and I was able to get my refund, however I never received any apology from the alternations seamstress.

    christiana pratt
    September 03, 2023

    I took several dresses to Zip Cleaner in Rockville Pike, I picked them up but did not realize something was wrong with any of my dresses until I had to go to a funeral and realize my zipper had broken on my dress. I took it back to the zipper cleaner, the manager, Erica refused to come out of the office but told the cashier there was nothing she could do because it was over 30 days. I have to pay again for them to fix the dress that they messed up. The manager's lack of responsiveness to my complaint made me feel dismissed, ignored, and unheard.

    Eliav Yitzhak
    May 18, 2023

    Very friendly staff, and I really appreciate getting a text message when they receive and finish my order. My only complaint is that it gets very busy, which is probably just because the staff is so friendly and professional

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