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    Jessica Liu
    June 22, 2023

    Horrible experience with their tailoring. I took in a bridesmaid dress and asked to have it hemmed. The seamstress marked the length to hem, and when I came to pick up the dress two weeks later, one side was 1.5 inches shorter than the other side. When I pointed this out, the tailor said "the machine must have pulled the fabric" and took zero responsibility. When I pointed out the many flaws in the hemming job, the seamstress told me to steam and iron the dress. *The dress was dry cleaned by them, again, they refused to take any responsibility*. The dress is too short on one side so the length can't be hemmed further. The hemming job was full of flaws - see the pictures below. They refused to refund me. It's ridiculous that I paid $50, handed them my new dress and got back a damaged dress. Take your tailoring elsewhere.

    Adriana Egusquiza
    August 28, 2023

    DO NOT BRING YOUR CLOTHES HERE!! If you don’t want your clothing to be ruined, I took a short with no stains and they gave it back with a white stain. They said I brought it like that which is totally false! I even have proof from their own cameras that it wasn’t like that when I brought it. They don't want to do anything about it. The “manager” does not know that before making an affirmation she has to make sure from their own evidence how I brought my clothes into the store. Poorly management. The general manager MONICA, should get fired immediately !! She is rude, yells at customers and even call names. She called me a liar and I had to tell her to stop yelling at me. Disappointment 😡😡😡

    Che Gharaibeh
    January 06, 2024

    Prices are reasonable but the customer service is not that great, I drop off a blazer and I mentioned there is a pen mark and a gray spot, they marked it, I picked it up didn’t pay attention and I wear it to work and I found about it! I stopped by zips to pickup another suits and I mentioned that the pen mark and the spot still there, she said we don’t guarantee it would be cleaned!! I told her that I used to go to other dry cleaning places and if they can’t clean it, they won’t charge, she said but we did the cleaning!!! , I’ll come back to speak to the manager, if they don’t do any thing, they will loose my business

    December 18, 2023

    I've been going since I was in my teen years and now i'm well into my 20s. I've never had an issue with their seamstress, in fact, I travel to MD (now in a different DMV state) to go to this specific seamstress. She does waist alterations and hem alterations just how i like them. It's interesting to see the other reviews, maybe i've been lucky. Thanks, Zips!

    Isabelle C
    October 10, 2023

    This location needs to fire their alterations seamstress. I went into the store early in the week with a dress that I need for my sister's engagement party. I just needed the hem to be stitched one inch. I asked her if she could have it ready by Thursday, as I'm leaving for my flight Thursday night and the engagement party is Friday, and she said yes that she could have it by Thursday and to come in then. I came in earlier today (Thursday) and was told the dress was in the "Monday pile" and would be ready then. I then told them that I had asked for it to be done by Thursday, as I needed it the next day. I asked for the dress back, and they said that they could get it done Saturday. I said that wouldn't work, and again needed it by Friday. They then tried to negotiate to the dress being done by Friday at 1pm. I said no, and insisted that I needed to have the dress back, and I felt like they were purposefully trying to not give it to me. They said that they needed to go into the back to see if they could find it. As one of the other staff members looked for it (taking about 30 minutes), I overheard the alternations seamstress then talk with a different customer who was upset that she didn't do the alternation he had come in for a week prior. I watched her argue with him and act incredibly condescending towards him, despite her being in the wrong. Eventually, the staff member who went to the back found my dress and I was able to get my refund, however I never received any apology from the alternations seamstress.

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