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    Kanan Shah
    February 13, 2024

    I just wanted to update my review. The week I wrote my original review (below -), Gina Anderson, one of the owners at Zips, called me to share that she had already been in conversation with their 3rd party company (Mid Atlantic Leather Cleaners) who they send Uggs to for cleaning. She updated me that she had talked to the owner, and they would be issuing me a new replacement pair or reimbursing me. I ended up receiving a check from the 3rd party cleaners to cover the cost of replacing my boots. I am thankful to Gina for handling the issue appropriately and fairly! I also updated my ratings from 1 to 4 stars. I am infuriated and utterly disappointed by my experience with Zips Drycleaners in the Rio. They accepted my pair of Uggs for special leather dry cleaning on 11/20/23, for the price of $39.99 and shared that they would be ready for pick up on 12/14. When I arrived on 12/14/23, they were not available for pick up and the staff shared that the Uggs get sent to another business that handles dry cleaning of Uggs, and they asked me to check back in a few days. I was out of town for the holidays, went back on 1/5/24. They had the Uggs available for pick up, but I was shocked to see a punctured hole in the middle portion of one of my Uggs. The hole goes is all the way though and it looks like maybe one of the tools they used to clean the Uggs damaged it. I spoke with Raul Cruz and Catherine who kept saying that they were not responsible for the damages and wanted to return my damaged Uggs back to me, however after a long discussion, they held on to the boots and said that they would have Marcela, their manager call me and also talk with their 3rd party Ugg cleaning vendor and show them the boots to see what could be done. Marcela called me later in the afternoon on 1/5/24 sharing that she would talk with the 3rd party and get back to me. Today is 1/24/24. I have still not heard back from Marcela or from any other staff at Zip cleaners on the outcome of what is to happen with my Ugg boots. I have also tried calling them numerous times, and have not been able to connect with a person. They still have my boots in possession, and it's now been over 2 months since this process started. They have no sense of accountability or professionalism. I'm now in the process of filing an official complaint with the Consumer Protection Agencies and the BBB.

    Rob “Daft Moose” Foster
    February 09, 2024

    It is fast, but I have had multiple shirts come back with stains on them. They are hard to see until you get outside into the light. It looks like whatever they are using to press them had residue on them and stains the shirts. Ruined two shirts so I will not go back and couldn't recommend anyone else go if they value their clothes. Edit: not a big deal but I didn't wear this shirt in the picture, but the wrinkles are straight from zips with light starch. It is in no manor pressed at all. No crease in sleeves and the front and back look like in the picture.

    Yvette Robbins
    March 12, 2024

    The staff at this zips really needs professional training. We dropped our blankets off and the lady told us they will be ready the next day after 5, despite the receipt saying that it will be ready on Wednesday. So we rush back to pick them up on Saturday evening and to our surprise, they said the did not have them! My fiancé was furious! He asked them where did they go? I have my receipt stating you received them, so where are they. They obviously knew he was angry so they started speaking in Spanish... but to their surprise, he speaks Spanish too! The eventually found the blankets hanging to dry. They were not fully dry and it was 8 minutes until closing. They said they would put them in the dryer. They end up with the manager on the phone because he asked for a refund. They said no because they were going to dry them in the dryer, but they still wouldn't be ready before closing. I called back today to speak to the manager, but they were not in. When I explained it to the associate, she told me that the associate that told my fiancé that they would be ready the next day "would have never said that". I advised her that tea lling customer what someone else did not tell them, without being present when the situation occurred is not good practice in customer service. She hung up in my face! I called back to get her name so I could include her rudeness in my conversation with the manager and another associate answered and after I explained that I wanted the other associates name, she muffled the phone for a few min and came back pretending she didn't understand what I was saying. By then, I was frustrated and I told her that I knew she did, but if she wanted to ply that game, my daughter is fluent in Spanish and could explain. She got quiet and put the other lady on the phone who then told me her name was Sarah... I will update after speaking to the manager.

    Z. Eubanks
    October 20, 2023

    This week was the last time I decided to get my clothes cleaned at Zips in Gaithersburg. The staff are rude, inconsistent, dismissive of people from certain backgrounds and cultures and unprofessional. The music is too loud and they have not done a good job on my uniform for quite some time. I have waited in line and have been overlooked for a worker to help another customer that came in after me that speaks Spanish. The environment does not seem inclusive but exclusive. I submitted a request for customer service to contact me but they haven't reached out to me at all. This location needs coaching, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion training. The manager looks annoyed each tome you bring and issue to her attention. There is a lack of leadership in this store. I will not give my time and money to an organization that does not value me. Turn the loud music down and listen more to your customers. Without our support you would not be in business. Do better and treat people with kindness and respect. It will keep people coming back for years.

    Marcellia Kemp
    January 24, 2024

    It was a bit hard to find at first. This is my first time going to Zipps. The pricing wasn't bad for Queen spread and curtains. I will continue yo go here because of the price and location.

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