Email Marketing – The Key to Customer Loyalty?

26August 2020

No other form of marketing can trigger customer loyalty quite like email marketing can.

If you thought email marketing was dead, you’re sadly mistaking. Email marketing is still very much alive and it’s proving to be more effective than ever before. So how can it help with customer loyalty?

Establishing a regular, personal connection

If you want to keep your customers, you need to be in frequent contact with them. It’s not enough to just sit back and hope they come back to you. Instead, you need to keep your brand firmly in their minds and email is one of the easiest ways to do this.

You can boost loyalty via email in numerous ways including:

    • Offering unique discounts
    • Keeping customers up to date with important information
    • Asking for feedback

All customers love a discount. It’s one of the best ways to reward them for their loyalty. In order to keep receiving emails from you, the customer has to actively opt in. What better way to reward them for that than with a unique discount code only available to email subscribers?

Keeping them up to date with important information via email is also effective. This could include changes to your delivery process, new and upcoming products and events and maybe even useful advice on current issues they might be facing. These types of emails keep you in the customer’s mind, encouraging them to make another purchase.

Emails are also valuable at gathering feedback from customers. This is an essential part of customer retention as it makes the customer feel valued and that their opinion actually matters.

Giving them a personalized experience

With email marketing, you can also target customers a lot easier. Segmenting your email list into specific customer groups can help provide a more personalized marketing approach.

Customer loyalty is not built solely on fulfilling basic customer needs; it is also reliant on your ability to provide an overall pleasurable experience. Email is the perfect vehicle to achieve this goal with its ability to help you build customer relationships that will last for the long-term.

You can also easily personalize emails so the customer feels more connected and appreciated.

Overall email marketing, as long as it’s done right, can be extremely useful in gaining customer loyalty. The key is to think about the customer, rather than yourself.

    • What emails would they find useful?
    • Never send off-topic, unhelpful emails as they will make more customers leave, rather than stick around.

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