Puzzled at how to engage your customers after they leave?

26August 2020

Puzzled at how to engage your customers after they leave?

Businesses owners who have managed to keep their doors open or re-open during this trifecta of challenges (COVID-19, Economic Crisis, Social and Political unrest) have had to be more creative and think outside their normal operations. One business that’s using one challenge to their advantage is the Bethesda Crab House.

Restaurants have had their world shaken up by the pandemic and all the requirements from the CDC and local health departments. One of the requirements is for restaurants to no longer give out laminated menus, but only have disposable paper menus or an online menu.

A local publisher of puzzle books, Printable.Life, has created a handout with a thankful message and a custom QR code that can be scanned by a cellphone camera that shows a link to their menu online. To take it one step further and make that page worth taking home, Printable.Life added a kids sudoku puzzle on the front and a more challenging word-search with seafood words on the back. A few different puzzles were made and will be rotated every few days.

From “We Have To“, to “We Get To

Since they had to print paper menus anyway, this was a way to create a great impression that can last long after the meal is over. They even get the first 50 sheets printed for free by letting Printable.Life put their company QR code at the bottom of the back page.

Now their biggest challenge is to keep the staff from taking a sheet and working the puzzles themselves 🙂

Small changes like this, which will work for so many other types of businesses, are what can keep customers coming back, telling their friends, and keeping the doors open and employees on the payroll.

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