You’ve Updated Your Business Facebook Settings With COVID-19 Changes, Right?

31August 2020

You Have Updated Your Business Facebook Settings With COVID-19 Changes, Right?

As a business owner born in the 60s, it pains me to say it but it’s true: Today, a business won’t reach their potential without a strong presence in all three legs of the digital table that the newest generations are most comfortable with. Those three legs are:

  1. You must have a good, informative, and engaging website with address of  ‘COMPANYNAME DOT COM’
  2. You must have clean, correct and optimized ‘Google My Business‘ entry
  3. You must have an active, engaged, and up-to-date Facebook presence.

If you’re a business doing everything you can to remain open and keep your employees and yourself working, these three things are like layers of armor to protect you from the viruses, policies, and negative sentiment that clouds our country right now.

A quick peek at your company Facebook page and the profile settings  will give a user some interesting information. Have you updated the information in the ‘Temporary Service Changes’ section of your business page profile?

Facebook Open With Changes Setting

It is believed that Facebook includes this bit of information in their ‘algorithm’ when showing your posts, shares, and other content to your users and prospective customers.

Should you update your profile and add the actions you’ve taken (using the best keywords and descriptions, of course) to open safely, delivery quality and WIN during this multifaceted storm of 2020?

Hell Yeah, you should! Today! Open a new tab and get started. Have you also updated your Google My Business and Bing Places listings, yet? Come back when you’re done 🙂 and tell us about it.

-stay safe – stay strong – stay open!


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