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About Open In Maryland

OpenInMaryland.com is a community resource website designed to help customers find local, small and mid-size businesses that are remaining open. We provide useful information to those businesses and present a catalog, to the citizens of Maryland, of small and medium-size businesses that are currently open for business and doing all they can to stay open.

We know the challenges of the “COVID-19, Economic Crisis, and Social and Political Stress trifecta” is far from over. We have created this project and made our team available to help in some small way. Be sure to check out the blog for useful tips.

OpenInMaryland.com is our first directory of businesses that are being verified as open and operating, in some form. We are adding and verifying businesses as quickly as we can and adding notes in their description. We are working through a list of recommendation, then cities and counties. We could really use your help, too.

If you own a business or know of a business that is open but isn’t in our directory, please tell the owner about this site and suggest they create a free listing for their business. We will quickly verify the information and make it available to all who visit this site.

About DMV Thrives and The OPENIN Project

 Looking to really stand out from your competitors and connect with more local customers? DMV Thrives can help. Based in Rockville, Maryland, we specialize in creating high quality custom built websites and marketing channels  that will help you to expand your customer reach and give your business a prominent, professional online presence.

We started the OPENIN Project to identify, support and celebrate the business owners who have been able to stay open or re-open during this COVID-19 Pandemic, the resulting Economic Crisis, and the Social and Political tensions gripping our country.

Once we get OpenInMaryland.com up and running smoothly, we will quickly launch OpenInVirginia.com and OpenInTheDistrict.com using the same approach. All three will be represented in the parent site DMVThriving.com once the pandemic is past and the focus shifts from surviving to thriving. We hope you join us and support our local businesses.

Committed to Help Small Businesses

Allen Rose, our Lead Partner, has lived in Maryland since 1999 and has learned the qualities of the State of Maryland and has decided to stay put and raise their daughter, here, with is wife. Allen has worked in many fields and currently owns two small businesses. The direct impact of the pandemic on his businesses has motivated him to create this project and do something to help.  We hope you enjoy this site, the blog, calendar and visit the businesses in our listing to help them stay open.

Capable of Excellence

Allen Rose, Lead Partner

After a successful career as a business consultant for large and small firms,  including Deloitte Consulting and Blackstone Technologies, Allen expanded into a real estate investing business. What many don’t know is that the biggest part of real estate  investing is marketing and research, exactly the skills that help any other type of business excel with their online presence.

Allen is also the senior member of the team with a long list of impressive list of skills, jobs and employers.  Here are a few highlights.

    • 25+ years in the Internet industry
    • 20+ year resident in Montgomery County, Maryland
    • 10+ years as a business consultant and customer experience design
    • 4+ years as small business owner in Maryland

Design Lead

Our Design Lead, Mary H.,  has worked in design and marketing at all levels. Our clients have access to a full library of previous work and cutting-edge  styles. Our commitment to a client’s presence on the internet and in print is the same whether they choose a small Boost campaign or a full-scale rebrand and Launch program.

Operations Organization

DMV Thrives has created a support and operations group with resources from around the world. Our team lead, Irene J., has created operating guides, standard operating procedures and issue resolution plans that are very detailed and provided to all of our staff.

We utilize a diverse team, with web technologies experience and clear understanding of the goals, objectives and methods of DMV Thrives and our clients.

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